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Go War Crust Punk - Chaos Destroy - AAAARRGGH (Cassette)

8 thoughts on “ Go War Crust Punk - Chaos Destroy - AAAARRGGH (Cassette)

  1. Met
    Total 4 tracks of true dark METAL PUNK mayhem, from CRUST WAR!!! TRACK LIST SIDE-A 1. CHANGE 2. NO CAUSE RELATIONS SIDE B 1. FAULT SEGMENT 2. BLOODY ORDINARY DAY Europe, Australia and North america: Japanese Yen Asia: Japanese Yen middle / south america and Africa: Japanese Yen add yen, if you want registered mail: CRUST.
  2. Muzshura
    This is chaos. This is mayhem. This is unapologetic d-beat hardcore constructed by three insanely dedicated and talented crust-punk basterds. D-Clone is a breath of fresh air and a rough-yet-rewarding breath it is. This shit's nuts and needs acknowledgement. Snag everything I could find below and dig.
  3. Kajira
    Jun 26,  · Seriously, this is just crazy. I was playing VC on Hard, and even before Archaon spawned, Chaos and the various other northmen just tore through everything north of Sylvania. The Empire was reduced to Nuln (Not the province, just the city) and the confederated Talabecland, of which they lost half as well. Then they left, and I figured.. Sweet, free territory .
  4. Mezigami
    Crusties rejoice! The entire Destroy discography for the price of one album this is a must-have for any fan of crust, hardcore punk and even death metal. If Napalm Death would have continued on with their punk upbringings, this is probably what they'd be pumping out to this day. Booklet contains the lyrics for every song, which are phenomenal.
  5. Nilmaran
    [img] Anarchia Tchórze Musisz być kimś Pokój i krew Zatrute powietrze Kto? To miasto umiera Kolaboracja Piosenka.
  6. Domuro
    The concert was recorded, and the result was the underground cassette release, Jeszcz Zywy Czlowiek. By , the group had already made a massive progression with their sound, encorporating new wave/jazzpunk elements, while still mainting their hard edge.
  7. Mobei
    destroy (v. trans.). 1. kill in large numbers "the plague wiped out an entire population" 2. reduce to ruins "The country lay ruined after the war" 3. tear down so as to make flat with the ground "The building was levelled" 4. defeat soundly "The home team demolished the visitors" 5. put (an animal) to death "The customs agents destroyed the dog that was found to be rabid" "the sick .

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