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Who Are You - Xtraverts - So Much Hate (Vinyl, LP)

8 thoughts on “ Who Are You - Xtraverts - So Much Hate (Vinyl, LP)

  1. Kajijind
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  2. Grom
    Jul 24,  · I dislike r/vinyljerk but I also hate r/vinyl I think they are both terrible communities and r/VinylJerk was just a reaction all the crap posts on r/vinyl. I ended up unfollowing r/vinyl because I found it infuriating but r/vinyljerk is just smarmy shitposts.
  3. Goltik
    Beth Buelow has established herself as The Introvert Entrepreneur to a growing tribe of thousands of followers and fans. A professional speaker and certified coach, Beth has coached dozens of introverted clients, trained hundreds, and spoken to thousands, championing introvert strengths and establishing her expertise in entrepreneurship, communication, and robmiretsuberaperteczgavevicmidd.coinfos:
  4. Moogugar
    LP albums are not cheap nor easy to produce and require large orders; no factory will do a pressing for an order lower than at least Furthermore some fans may want multiple copies as vinyl records degrade with use, though I highly doubt the vast majority of people purchasing even own a turn table.
  5. Voodook
    I have copies of this album on vinyl from the 70s, CD from the 80s and now Bluray Audio from the 10s. The Bluray Pure Audio has both a remix and the audio only versions in high res 24 bit / 96Khz so you could say this is the definitive quality version of this classic Who album/5().
  6. Gukree
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  7. Zulurisar
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  8. Mocage
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